We are the remnants of a Liverpool FC fan-site that closed in the Spring of 2018. Banding together and inspired by our own Lady Liver Bird and dear friend Bev we created this site and hopefully we can serve as a great Liverpool FC loving Kopite community.

We talk all things LFC, have articles on Club related news, live match threads, opinion pieces, video and much more. All made, discussed and shared by Liverpool fans from around the globe. We seek to maintain a nice relaxed atmosphere where all are welcome. Our discussion boards often stray off topic and detailed LFC knowledge is not a requirement here - anyone and everyone is encouraged to make The Liver Bird Nest their home from home.

Our inspiration:

Bev was our beautiful Scouse Lady and friend, such a lovely person it's impossible to find the words to do her justice. She embodied everything good about both Liverpool the City and Liverpool the football Club. Her family has been an integral part of LFC for generations and Bev was an integral part of our little community. We all enjoyed several years following and commenting on our great Club together at our previous site before then creating this one ourselves.

Sadly Bev contracted leukemia and over a two year period battled bravely against it. The vast majority of that two years spent in hospital undergoing the most gruelling of treatments and side effects which this horrible illness afflicts. Bev was incredibly strong in character though and time and again she beat the odds and eventually beat the Leukemia itself but tragically her body was left in such frail condition that in the summer of 2018 she passed away. This due to the extreme malnourishment and repeated infection the illness had brought and which her doctors had exhausted all avenues in trying to treat.

From the day we were all lucky enough to meet Bev, right till that last summer - she never, not once, ever stopped smiling and encouraging us all to do the same. She never complained, in fact had you not known how serious her plight was and quite what she was going through each day you would most certainly never have guessed it.

We have a great community but Bev made that community a great family. She was brave and beautiful beyond measure, as well as funny, sharp as a button, kind, caring and selfless in the extreme. She was and still is our hero and though we remain desperately sad at her loss and will always miss her dearly, we are following her example and doing our best to keep on smiling, just as she would want.

Bev used to post as Lady Liver Bird and we are very proud to have named our site The Liver Bird Nest as a dedication to our friend and all that she stood for. We also hope to raise awareness of the illness Bev suffered as well as the charities which do much needed work toward helping other sufferers.

Should anyone wish to read more or leave their condolences we have a thread here where you are welcomed to do so and we also encourage new site visitors to ask any of the posters here about Bev. We are always pleased to recount some fond memories, of which there are many - above all else Bev was an absolute joy to be around. A literal laugh a minute and you could not help but end up giggling along with her. We hope too that we can keep that family atmosphere which she fostered and welcome new posters to join us in supporting our beloved Reds.

You will never walk alone Sweetpea. Greatly missed but never forgotten x

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