Norwich v Liverpool | Why I won't be supporting

Shortly we are due to take to the field for the start of the 2021/22 season and I will not be supporting our club. Not just in this game but in every game this season and forever thereafter all the while we fly in the face of traditional Liverpool values.

Those values are inclusive ones which see open doors to the working class man, woman and child. Not leftist woke crap like taking the knee before kick off. The irony being those taking the knee in the supposed name of oppression are amongst the most overpaid, over entitled people about.

Of course despite ridiculous attempts to pretend otherwise, taking the knee is also a political gesture and politics has no place in football. It's woke, it's nonsense, it's puke worthy and I refuse to support it.

Moving swiftly on, we find ourselves at a bigger affront to our club's values in the name of so called 'vaccine passports'.

From September people who for whatever reason have decided not to take a new experimental drug, which factually has undergone just one third of normal trials before being ushered into being via emergency use proviso - that status remaining when we're no longer in an emergency, if we ever were, and with zero long term safety data, will be BARRED from attending our matches.

You can continue to support that. I won't. You can imagine you're in pre-world war two Germany allowing the Nazis to whip up a frenzy of hate toward a minority of people which you join in with. I won't be. You can blindingly support the mandating of masks which provably do nothing and are even admitted by governments to be nothing more than a psychological tool, I will not.

You can support the transfer of wealth via forced closure of hardworking ordinary people's business which opens the door for massive corporations to take all their custom and earnings.

You can support injecting CHILDREN with the above described drugs for something they're at no risk from without their parent's consent or knowledge.

You can ignore the fact travel has been made only for the rich and everything taking place under your noses as we transition from democracy and freedom to tyranny and fascism and continue to support a club and team who are actively going along with it all like it's normal and acceptable. I won't be.

Until people lose their apathetic streak and stop going along with stuff for the sake of a quiet life and perceived safety, they deserve neither.

None of what's happening at present is something past generations would have stood for and nor should we. It's not Liverpool the club we grew up with and in my opinion it's not Liverpool the club which the namesake of this site grew up with and loved. I refuse to collude in any of it.

There are far bigger concerns in the world than football but we can help fix them by starting at grass root levels. Now more than ever, this does mean more. Or, you can just forget all that, tune in and clap along like everything's fine. After all, that is exactly what they want you to do.

The above is just my opinion and I'm posting it now so you have time to ignore it and make your own match thread should you wish to. Maybe I'm wrong and if you find solace in the footie still then fair play and I hope it's a great game.

Despite what are likely opposing views between us all, YNWA.

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