Champions League 2021/22 | Seven Heaven

Article by Kenny

Tomorrow, Thursday 26th of August at 17.00 (British Proper Time) we gather around our screens in anticipation, as the draw for this season's Champions League commences. With six of Europe's most prestigious trophies already tucked under our belt could this season become seventh heaven? A favourable draw would certainly help.

Unlike in previous seasons, coefficients are no longer in use and pot one is simply the Champions League winner, Europa Cup winner, plus the winner of each of Europe's top six leagues. The big losers resultant from this change being Real Madrid and Liverpool.

Pot 1: Chelsea, Villareal, Athletico Madrid, Manchester City, Bayern Munich,  Inter Milan, Sporting Lisbon and Lille.

Pot 2: Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester United, PSG, Seville and Dortmund. 

Most would say pot two looks stronger than pot one and obviously Liverpool can't meet any of pot two until the knock out stages.

Some of the pots are still being decided in tonight and last night's matches but pots three and four include Porto, Ajax, Atlanta, Besiktas, AC Milan, Zenit, Dynamo Kiev, Brugge

Liverpool can't draw any English team from pot 1 and Sporting or Lille or Villareal would be preferable and from pots 3 and 4 to a void AC Milan Ajax and the long journeys to Zenit and Dynamo Kyiv.

The final next year is at Zenit St Petersburg's home stadium.

Key dates for your diary.

Group stages

Match day 1 14/15th September.

Match day 2 28/29th September.

Match day 3 19/20th October.

Match day 4 2/3rd November.

Match day 5 23/24th November.

Match day 6 7/8th December.

Round of 16

15th/16th/22nd/23rd February.

8th/9th/15th/16th March.

Quarter Final

5th/6th/12th/13th April.

Semi Final

26th/27th April 3rd/4th May.


28th May.

Liverpool's key matches in the Premier League during the later stages of the competition are Manchester United 19th March at home. Manchester City 9th April away. Everton 23rd April home and Spurs May 7th also at home.

Let's hope have the squad strength is able to compete on at least two fronts and avoid the injuries of last season which will certainly help.

Will this be lucky number seven or an early trip home? One thing we know, for Liverpool, nothing is impossible.

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