Without Gini, is LFC's midfield a title winner? Or is that wishful thinking.

Morning all, hope everyone's enjoying a nice Sunday. This is just a quick article to get us back on topic, while we wait for Henderson to win the Euro's.

Having scoured LFC related news I'm yet to see any concrete transfer links. Several midfielders are mentioned along with the word Liverpool but until one turns up and signs on the dotted line, we are left with the following choices.

Wijnaldum, Keita (26), Henderson (31), Thiago (30), Fabinho (27), Oxlade (27), Milner (35), Jones (20).

Taking a cursory look at the ages one might conclude we've a decent spread but when you factor in injury history things take a turn for the worse. In fact Keita and Oxlade may as well not be in that list at all because they are never available for more than half a game.

Milner's arguably too old to play much of a part and Jones is at the opposite end of the spectrum: too young to put much responsibly on his shoulders. Certainly he isn't at a league winning level.

So what does that leave us? Henderson, Thiago and Fabinho. And therein lies a rather large problem, all three are defensive biased. At least that's how Klopp has used them to date and even if he changes that I don't have a great deal of confidence in any of them creating goals and assists.

For me we are still carrying too much dead wood which needs cutting adrift and replacing with some prime midfield quality.

Oddly enough we've just let a player go who appears to have been perfect for a more attacking midfield role.......

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