Liverpool v FSV Mainz 05 | Live fans match thread!

Well here we are. In a game literally no one has been waiting for, we take on FSV Mainz in a totally meaningless friendly. I do hope you didn't come here looking for a shot of enthusiasm!

Just kidding, kind of, umm. So Mainz are an Austrian team and as we all know the Austrian's are famous for skiing and fishing. Just ask Nester DBM who spends most of his time fishing.

Even while out on the piste his mind is on fishing and when an opportunity to fish will arise. Which is understandable when you see how good he is at skiing.

Another little known fact is that Mainz are such huge Liverpool fans they include a reference to Istanbul in their name. A better know fact is Klopp used to manage them.

In this game we can assess whether our new CB signing is a bit of a damp squid. My impression so far - he has all the grace of a daddy long legs.

And by daddy long legs I mean the crane fly which is the official daddy long legs. I don't want to hear any preposterous suggestions that gangly legged spiders are daddy long legs. They're not!

As well as the daddy long legs, we would also expect to see our multitude of injury prone players such as Keita being used because as the saying goes 'if not now then when?'

Finally we need to understand how good our youth players are. Pre-season is the time to do that.

The main point of the day however is do we look good enough to win the 2021/22 league title?

Kick off 5.15PM (British Proper Time)

Let's find out!......

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