Euro 2020| Ukraine v Henderson | Live fans match thread!

Here we go again! And I know everyone is just delighted to see another England thread. But, the question is will we roar like lions or whimper like tiny little kittens that someone is about to put in a bag and throw in a river.

Sorry, I hate cats. Not in a serial killer way, in a they leave nice parcels of do do all over people's lawns way and never try and pet one because after luring you in with it's cute looks it will turn in a second and maul you to death. Vicious little bastards.

I don't really advocate chucking them over bridges but if you have some type of armour to hand then it never hurts to stroke one in the wrong direction.

So that's the detailed pre-match analysis and remember to get your 0-4 predictions in below! Grrrrr!

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