2021/22 Premier League Season | A new hope

Now the Euro's have finished in all too predictable a fashion we can return our attention to Liverpool. It's hard to feel too much pride if you're sick to the back teeth of other national goings on at present but despite my remonstrations otherwise I am disappointed for England to have lost.

Certainly the racism being reported today which was directed at some of the England players who missed penalties is inexcusable and abhorrent.

Putting that to one side and focusing back on Liverpool's upcoming season, I thought it would be handy to run through a quick squad appraisal. These are our current main players ranked in groups as I see them. However you may disagree.....

Title winning players

Goal keepers: Alisson.

Defenders: Van Dijk, Robertson, Alexander-Arnold.

Midfielders: Fabinho, Thiago, Henderson.

Attackers: Firmino, Salah, Mane, Jota

As mentioned this is obviously just my view but right away there's an issue, unless we're going to play four in attack and three in defence, we don't even have a title winning eleven!

Solid back up /rotation players which could slot in with little drop in quality.

Goal keepers: Kelleher.

Defenders: Gomez, Matip,

Midfielders: Milner


Oh dear! Only on to the second string players and already there's some massive holes appearing. You may be wondering why I've not included some other names there and more on that next.

Players who may be high quality but are either too early in their careers for us to be sure and/or too injury prone to rely on.

Goal Keepers:

Defenders: Konate, Tsimikas

Midfielders: Keita, Jones.

Attackers: Elliott, Minamino.

Bit of a gaping gap in the goal keeper section but do we really need more than Alisson and Kellher? Probably not although the latter is nowhere close to the former's level so we'd suffer a large drop in quality there.

Defence is a touch short but hopefully Konante and Tsimikas will prove to be good players. Add in Gomez and Matip, when available, and centre-back is okay but full-back isn't too swell.

Midfield also isn't looking that flash. Keita will almost certainly be injured more often than not, Jones is pretty good but not yet at the same high standard as our first choices.

And in attack the jury is very much out. Elliott looks to have oodles of potential but that's all it is and for the most part Minamino hasn't been very good at all.

Players who in my opinion are simply not good enough.

Goal keepers: Adrian, Karius.

Defenders: Davies, R Williams, Phillips, Koumetio, N Williams.

Midfielders: Oxlade-Chamberlain, Shaqiri, Cain, Clarkson, Woodburn, Grujic, Wilson, Ojo.

Attackers: Origi.

Even if we're lucky and one or two of the young players listed in this last section turn out good, it still seems like we're carrying too much dead wood. The problem is they're all taking a place and wage which could be put to better use.

Most glaring is the attacking column where a lone Origi finds himself and surely it's way past time to send him to pastures new. I'd rather try Elliott this season although ideally we'd sign a new attacker in addition.

Midfield is perhaps the other big problem area. Between this set of players and the previous, there's very few or even none which could be swapped in for our best players without a drop in quality.

Further to that we don't seem to have any solid centre of the pitch game changing bench options. Ox and Shaq have occasionally shown promise but overall don't seem good enough and we probably all agree Origi isn't.

So my conclusion is attack and midfield need work before the seasons starts. FSG, Klopp, make it happen!

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