Welcome to Liverpool Ibrahima Konate

The second the transfer window opened - boom! - Liverpool snap up their first summer signing Ibrahima Konate. An encouraging start just as Ali predicted. Or is it?

While fighting off the old man flu I heard some worrying rumours about Konate, more specifically his injury history. As I type I have yet to take a look so we're in this together live as I post my findings.

We all know Konate is a 22 year old, 1.94m tall, right-sided, French centre back who was born in Paris, made his professional debut for Sochaux before moving to RB Leipzig and then to us for a reported £36m but what about his injury record?

Unbelievable. Somebody tell me I'm not seeing a shocking injury history. I'm nearly lost for words. After the season we have just had, I felt surely now FSG would understand the risk attached with injury prone players is not worth the reward.

In the context of it being football, not life or death, I'm spitting feathers. The very first signing and it's Sturridge 2.0. Heck he's from RB Leipzig he might even be the second coming of Keita.

Seriously, what the fish? That's one nail in the 2021/22 season before it's even started. This is not what if our defence get injured again but when. Please no one tell me that it'll be fine because some of our centre backs can play when fit and then others rotate in when they get injured, etc.

Or that it's not actually that bad if some are out of action a bit because it'd be hard to keep them all happy on the bench otherwise. No, just no, that's a right lot of phooey and this is an unforgivably disastrous signing of epic proportion.

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