LFC Players in Copa America

Unlike the Euro 2021 competition this is a very brief article as Liverpool only have three players involved in the Copa America 2020 2021 competition. All three players will be involved in the Brazilian team as they chase their 10th title in this competition - the third most successful team in the tournament's history. Uruguay leading with 15 cup titles, closely followed by Argentina on 14.

The three players involved are Fabinho, the tackling guru that has a rocket of a shot and reads the game beautifully.  Then we have Roberto Firmino who is a pressing machine and can score crucial goals in big games. Last but not least the goal scoring wizard with cat like reflexes, the number one goal keeper in the world, Alisson Becker.

Also the difference between the Euro's and Copa competitions is that even the players taking part in the Copa America are questioning the sanity of the competition going ahead considering how rife Covid19 is spreading through the countries. Our very own Alisson Becker has raised grave concerns over the decision to continue with the competition but like any professional and patriot finds it near impossible to turn his back on his country and withdraw himself from the Brazilian national team.

For those interested here are the dates for the Brazilian games (check local guides to confirm time zone differences may mean dates are altered):

13th June - Venezuela
17th June - Peru
24th June - Colombia

All we can do, just like with the Euro's, is pray and hope all players return safe and healthy and if they have a trophy as well, that would the cherry on the cake.
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