Euro 2020 | Neco Harry and Xherdan v Italy and Turkey

Moving swiftly on from the injustice of the refereeing in the England v Scotland game, which saw at least fourteen perfectly legal England goals cruelly ruled out. We return once more to the valley to see if Wales can fare any better.

At the same time we'll be chomping on toblerone which, as every one knows, is an even more painful experience than treading on lego. However needs must and we must support the Shaq attack.

Looking at the Group A table Switzerland must win tonight to maintain any hope of progressing and second place Wales could cement an onward passage by beating group leaders Italy.

All three of our Redmen took part in their respective country's last matches, albeit only small parts for Wilson and Williams. It would be nice to see them feature more heavily tonight.

We do know 'why they chose the triangle', they were clearly sadists.

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