The Super League fiasco - a blessing in disguise?

By now we're all aware of the Super League plot in which Liverpool FC's owners, Fenway Sports Group, helped instigate the creation of a new private entry elites only European competition. My question today is might this bad situation turn out to be a blessing in disguise?

After mass displeasure from fans helped foil the attempted new closed shop super league we now move to a situation of wrangling between club owners, fans and other vested parties such as the Premier League and UEFA.

In the aftermath the Premier League have been quick to introduce a new 'owners charter' which all clubs including ours will be required to sign. By doing so they commit to the ladder system which provides opportunity for teams to work their way up through domestic leagues and qualify for large tournaments such as the Champions League.

The new charter will also prohibit the formation of any breakaway leagues and protect other 'core principals'. The Premier League are working on this with government as well as other bodies: UEFA, EFL, FA et al and it will contain sanctions for non compliance.

It remains to be seen how good the charter will be in working terms, although I suspect it's likely yet more power grabbing and own interest serving by each of the various organisations involved.

So far then it appears to be a bunch of greedy owners and corporations fighting with one and other for their own gain - it should be noted in some respects their gain is our clubs' gain. Financially that can be the case but not when it's at the expense of the game and our values. 

As this situation develops, bringing up the rear are various clubs' supporter groups and maybe, just maybe, their hard work and perseverance will be rewarded with some genuine improvements.

We have supporter groups such as Spion Kop who removed the Kop's banners to protest against the Super League, which although hard on players and manager was I felt a good way to express our disdain and now leading the charge in direct negotiations are Spirit of Shankly.

Yesterday they met with club officials in talks they describe as positive and where they proposed the following. If fully enacted, I believe it would be a massive step forward in the owner, supporter, relationship and could see us look back on 'Super League-gate' as a catalyst of change for the better.

Spirit of Shankly's statement.

• Two SOS representatives at LFC board level in relation to issues that impact fans and the Anfield community as a whole. This would involve a reconstitution of the LFC board that includes effective, elected and accountable fan representation, and not for members of the current LFC board to be that elected representative.

This cannot be token representation, but one that has the ‘golden share’ or veto on the decision-making process. We believe this is desirable, practical and achievable both in the short and long-term.

• A formal agreement between LFC and Athletic Grounds Ltd and SOS in order to improve collaboration and supporter engagement and involvement, and to ensure this is sustainable for the future.

• FSG and LFC collaborate with SOS to lead the reform agenda ahead of/in conjunction with the national fan-led review.

• We also asked for a commitment from FSG that any costs incurred in relation to the creation of and withdrawal from the European Super League will be funded solely by the owners and not by the club. We note that the Kroenke family have already made this commitment to Arsenal FC fans.

These motions were acknowledged, and received, by LFC. They have taken these away for discussion and will respond formally to SOS with a further local meeting expected in the coming days.

This initial consultation was positive, and both parties agreed there is a need for a new structure leading to meaningful and lasting supporter engagement.

Does the above represent what you'd like to see enacted on our behalf and how likely is it FSG will accept it. If progress is made along these lines, will you look back at this period in our history as a net gain for the game of football, our club's place within it, as well as our overall values and integrity.

In other words, could this episode finish up as 'everyone's a winner'?
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