Manchester Utd v Liverpool | Live fans match thread!

With Manchester Utd letting every one down against Leicester last night, it means Manchester City are now confirmed champions and so, mathematically at least, we can no longer win the league. Unlike Utd however we will not simply down tools and stop trying.

We can of course still make top four but if Chelsea win against Arsenal this evening, the gap to them in fourth will be ten points and let's be honest that would make it a tall order, stood on the shoulders of three other tall orders, up a ladder, on top of the empire state building.

Not one single jot of that matters though because as Romper described well on our last thread this is 'us v them' this is Utd v Liverpool. This is the biggest fixture not just in our own league but on the planet and if this one doesn't mean more then our players need a wet fish around the chops.

Of no importance are league standings or anything else, we must leave hearts on the pitch along with blood, guts, sweat and tears and we absolutely must win.

I don't want to hear from our players or manager oh they're in better form, we've got injuries or any other excuses. I want to hear us winning four nil.

Let's see if Klopp is of a similar mindset

Team news

Utd: Maguire, James, Jones, Martial all injured.

Liverpool: Van Dijk, Matip, Gomez, Henderson, Milner, Kabak, Davies, Keita all injured - no excuses though, don't want to hear them. Many of our injuries are our own fault anyway for keeping injury prone players too long.

Our line-up then will probably be the same one which beat the Saints with Rhy and Phillips at the back and all that's left to say is may the best team win, as long as it's us!

Liver Bird's Scorecast: Two red cards, two penalties, Utd 1-2 Liverpool.


Prediction League
How many red cards? (5 points)
How many yellow cards? (10 points)
How many penalties? (15 points)
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