Manchester Utd 2-4 Liverpool | Poetry in motion keeps top four hopes alive

Well that was rather tremendous! Manchester Utd may have blocked our bus but they couldn't block their goal and our bid to make the Champions League was given a huge shot in the arm.

In assessing the match I'm afraid I'm unlikely to ever produce a particularly analytical report because I spend most of our games in lunatic mode and enjoy being swept along with the overall flow too much to stop and stare at individual blades of grass. What I did notice, was they scored two and we scored FOUR.

Please post your thoughts on the game. Mine are that the penalty wasn't a penalty - Bailly played the ball first and contacted Phillips second. Performance wise, Jota, Salah, Firmino all excellent. Salah must get a special mention for his 30th goal of the season and we must do all we can to make sure he stays in an LFC shirt.

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Mo's stood up to be counted, scoring a boat load of goals as always and fans, myself included, are perhaps wrong to nit-pick when he sometimes doesn't have a 100% perfect game.

You could really see how much it meant to him that goal. Sadly Getty seem to think it's a good idea to use the S*n for some of their photos so I couldn't post the best moment but the release of emotion was clear - a season that's frustrated Mo as much as it has us.

Trent was on another level last night (Southgate who was in the stands - take note). Phillips very good overall and Robertson the same.

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Middle of the park was less impressive, especially around the sixty minute and onwards mark when we suffered a prolonged 'backs to the wall' spell which saw our lead slip from 1-3 to 2-3. We were too easy to play through during that phase and this may sound harsh but I'm still not sold on Thiago.

There was that worrying spell in the second half but full credit to our gaffa. Possibly could have began subs a smidge earlier but in general Klopp got things spot on and it was nice to see the beaming smile back.

When all was said and done, we played a great team game which was joyous to see. Supporting Liverpool is a perpetual rollercoaster and this season's had way more downs than ups. Last night was a massively welcome morale boost and reminder that we're not a million miles off the pace.

As a result do we dare now to dream of Champions League nights next season?

Well, I've been staring at the league table, remaining fixtures, points and goal difference for over half an hour and still can't work out all the connotations but I am sure we're four points behind Chelsea with a game in hand. We're also two behind them on GD.

Chelsea have Leicester away and Villa at home. We have WBA away, Burnley away and Palace at home. That last fixture worries me but overall I'll stick my neck on the block and predict we manage to overhaul Chelsea.

They have arguably harder fixtures as well as a looming Champions League final to divert their focus. Over to all you Nesters to run the calculations and predict the various possible scenarios.

It's not in our own hands unfortunately and we need Chelsea to slip up - yes I used that on porpoise. They will slip and it'll be poetic justice. How confident are you I'm right? Cast your vote below!

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