Man Utd v Liverpool | Live fans match thread!

Liverpool and fans arrive here not in the best of spirits, in fact that's an understatement. This season has been one where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong and then our owners placed a nice cherry on the top.

It's a must win game not only if we're to retain the remotest hope of a top four finish but because it's against United.

Always a must win fixture and they will be keen to extinguish any of the aforementioned hope we may have. Our job is not to give them the satisfaction. Realistically however do we have a chance of victory today or even avoiding defeat?

As surmised by Messrs Nicol, Hislop and Co, we enter this fixture off the back of a terrible showing against Newcastle where we conceded yet another late goal after missing a myriad of chances. United on the other hand have just thrashed Roma 6-2.

The odds then are heavily stacked in their favour, with a high probability of them winning but our personal job is still a simple one: even if we can only muster a modicum of belief then bring that, along with our support.

I was going to get a bit preachy here about fair weather supporting but the truth is we have every right to feel more than a little dejected in this moment. It's been a tough time for the entire planet during a crisis which puts football in perspective - it is not the be all and end all.

BUT, it can be something which brings people together and provides a tonic to life's troubles and if you support Liverpool then you're lucky because no team does those things better. Talking of which, next season will be better but for now we must embrace the lows with our heads held high.

So, bring it on Utd. Time to test your mettle and ours. May the best team win and may we remind you and everyone else that we're not as crest fallen as people think.

Nor (imo) are we as far away from better form. Let's hear from Jurgen.

Liver Bird's Scorecast: Liver Bird doesn't mind as long as our lads give it their all. No hiding and no shrinking violets - we want to see plenty of blood and guts and hearts left on the pitch. Liverpool win.


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