Liverpool v Southampton | Live fans match thread!

Will this match take place? Will Ali turn up with his 'FSG Out' drum set and force another abandonment. Plus, will Naby Keita ever kick a ball again? Read on as I answer literally none of these questions.

It would be nice if a game of football breaks out amongst the melee. We should probably expect some form of protest though and no doubt there will be those of the 'anything Utd can do we can do better' mind set. What I hope is that any protests around Anfield are done with a lot more class. Let's keep the higher moral ground over FSG please.

As for the game itself presuming it goes ahead, what will happen? 

Well it could be eight nil or six nil, seven nil, one all or nil nil, any combination of those numbers used with the other popular numbers in existence and either team could be attached to them.

What about who will play?

Well, that could be anyone for Southampton other than Ings who is injured and Minamino who isn't allowed to play against his parent club and for us it could be any one who isn't called Gomez, Henderson, Van Dijk or Matip.

Maybe Naby might play but it's highly doubtful since he's morphed into the invisible man as far as Jurgen is concerned. Nat's back, at the back, Kabak will back him up and Robbo and Trent will run up and down the wings a lot.

In the middle fabulous will be Fabinho, Milnero and Thiago. At the front Mo and Mane will breeze about a lot while Firmino huffs and puffs but fails to blow any balls into the net. What was that table game where you used to blow the ball with a straw or did I imagine that existed?

How about our tactics Case, you have us captivated with your extreme knowledge of the game, please further spellbind with a tactical masterclass.

We will try to score more goals than we let in.


Liver Bird: Four fishing nil!

PL: How many corners in the game total? (15 points)
(No the answer is not four, you smart arses)
(Well it may be I guess)
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