Liverpool v Palace | This means four | Live fans match thread!

Champions League qualification - will we, won't we? Nobody knows.... That's part of the fun but we'll give it a damn good go and that is the part that matters. Football truly is a funny old game. One which mirrors life: it's highs, it's lows, it's crushing defeats and bitter blows.

Like life, football is at times a total shit stick. A fuck fest full of unfair and unjust happenings. This season we've seen that play out to the extreme but is it really important versus what swirls around us in the more real world of family, friends, wealth and health?

Yes. It is. It helps knit all that together, providing a melding pot of laughter (sometimes tears), support and comradeship which brightens the path through those good and bad times.

End of season draws near and I'd like to thank everyone who has visited the Nest for their patronage. It means more than you realise and even in this not best of seasons and times, I hope you've found some escapism and rest-bite. Maybe while stepping over my rants some laughter and cheer too.

Let's go out in a blaze of four nil glory, and then, 2021/22 - we go again!

x YNWA x

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