Burnley v Liverpool | Live fans match thread!

Having just won one must win game against West Brom we now move to the next must win game. This time versus Burnley, in a match we most certainly must win. Ideally in a less nerve racking manor.

Burnley have lost three of their last five games, most recently suffering a four nil defeat to Leeds. Safe from relegation they will hopefully concede a similar amount of goals tonight because it's looking likely goal difference may decide who gets fourth spot.

As a few of us Nesters have stated however it's unlikely a Sean Dyche team will simply roll over and have their tummies tickled. Far more probable is them trying hell for leather to be the fly in our ointment. They're in sixteenth place for a reason though and three points should be achievable.

On the injury front we're missing our known long term absentees VVD, Matip and Gomez. Ox and Jota have recently added themselves to the known (injuries) list and of course, Naby Keita is a perpetual known known.

One can only hope this summer doesn't see us sign any unknown sick notes the like of which we know we don't yet know about but are almost certainly out there - these are the known unknowns, which we seem to unearth with alarming regularity.

Now, back to the match, here is what Klopp knows.

Turns out he doesn't know about Milner who will be subject to a late fitness test. I expect to see something along the following lines then.

Robbo, Phillps, Williams, TAA, Gini, Fabinho, Thiago, Firmino, Mane, Salah, Alisson.

The worry for me is our defence and it seems reasonable to suggest we'll concede at some point so the concern then moves to our attack. Can we outscore Burnley?

Yes. We can.

LiverBird's Scorecast: 0-4!


Prediction League
Will we win four nil? (15 points)
What colour shirt will Dyche wear? (5 points)
How many yellow cards for Burnley? (10 points)
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