Real Madrid v Liverpool | Champions League QF | Live fans match thread!

Here we go then back to serious business as we continue a hopefully winning path toward champions league number seven.

Considering all our misfortune this season who would have thought we'd have a genuine chance of winning this prestigious tournament, yet here we are so let's enjoy it.

Not only are we here but we're actually in pretty good form with not too many injuries. By not too many, I of course mean only our captain, plus first, second and third choice defenders but no excuses, we can beat Real if we play well.

Jota's in fine form and must start. Kabak and Phillips are on a run of clean sheets so no need to consider changes there. Mo and Mane are musts as are Robbo and Trent but what about midfield?

The centre of the pitch is the most open to debate. Personally I'd play the exact same line-up which turned Arsenal's munitions into damp squibs. But should Keita, Jones or Gini get the nod over Milner?

Here are Jota and Jurgen's thoughts ahead of the game and Jurgen's right, this is not about revenge. He will be pleased I didn't include anything provocative.

Liver Bird's Scorecast: Go big or go home, 0-4!


Prediction league
Name our starting midfield (5 points)
Which team will get the most yellows cards? (5 points)
Which team will win the first half? (5 points)
Get all three right for a bonus 15 points!
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