Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool | Bit of a damp squid

Well, what a load of old tosh that was, like a damp squib but worse - we went full squid. No point sugar coating it and so I won't do.

Telling it like it is.

Jurgen has lost the plot, at least momentarily. What was he thinking starting Keita, Wijnaldum, Fabinho? When everyone looks at the team sheet and a sharp intake of breath is the result followed by us playing like we did in the first half - terrible - sorry but that's the manager's fault.

Keita's been back in the squad for at a guess at least six fixtures and I've been screaming for us to play him and find out if he's up to snuff for next season. I suspected we weren't doing for fear of breaking him, again and last night the answer was categorical.

Telling it like we wish it wasn't.

Naby Keita is outta here. He has to be. Personally I've never even thought he was particularly great anyway. Sure he has some talent but there are absolutely tonnes of midfielders out there who are far better. It's a moot point anyway because irrespective of how good he may or may not be his body's not capable of playing football at this level.

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I cannot stress enough I feel very sorry for Naby because whatever frustration us fans feel he must feel it tenfold but I can't see any case for keeping him past this summer. The reality is in playing terms he's total dead weight taking up valuable squad space.

Telling it with rose tints.

It wasn't all bad bad bad. Sure Trent had a shocker in parts but in others he was sublime and that was the story throughout. The bit to keep focus on was the start of the second half where we were by far the more dominate team.

There's no doubt in my mind that we can beat Real next week in the second leg, what is a worry is trying to do so without them scoring because it's clear they have some class in front of goal. And also clear our 358th defensive combination of the season is (understandably) shaky at times. However......

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We are Liverpool, European kings and we will prevail.

A constructive conclusion.

This season has been a mare, largely for reasons beyond our control. It will be a time we look back on with little thought of football because there are far more important things afoot - apologies for my recent ranting on that topic.

I'm probably not as far removed in opinion as everyone else and the bottom line is I hope these sad times are soon passing with everyone here, their families and friends in as good a shape as possible.

Next season is where the real football begins again and we're at least learning what is needed in the summer to get us back on track. I think Kabak's looking fairly promising. He was in my view our best defender last night. On the flip side Phillips is beginning to show his limitations.

Keita I feel is needing to find pastures new but perhaps some still hold out hope on him staying. In midfield I think we need a new player regardless. Anytime Henderson is out we're unable to find the same level as when he's fit. That said Thiago surely has more to give than we've seen so far.

What are people's summer transfer thoughts and how confident are you we can still win this tie?

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