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Morning fellow Reds, the sun is shining and all is well in the world. Hang on no, that's not what I meant. Morning Reds, I hope everyone is coming to terms with the news that Liverpool are leading a group intent on the destruction of football as we know it. Yes that's better.

Before we chew the fat off that bone a quick word on last night's match - rubbish. Now that game where we played well enough to score a solitary goal and then for the umpteenth time this season capitulated, has been fully appraised, let's have a look at this dreadful pickle we find ourselves in.

I'd like to preface the following by saying I fully intended to express a contrarian view today. My initial impressions were perhaps this was a ground swell of resistance to change which is a natural emotion when it concerns something people hold dear.

However, now I've had chance to fully investigate and consider the new 'Super League' proposal, I am certain of my view which is one sharing reactions expressed by many: disgusting, disgraceful, disrespectful, greedy, anti-competitive and anti-football.

Where to start? Well a good point is to note that Nester Liver Bird Spotting is correct when he says this is capitalism gone mad. We simply cannot have football clubs running their own league. That's what happens with oil companies and we see the shenanigans they get away with as a result.

If the price of oil drops they simply stop producing it to raise it again in order to maintain maximum profits. Otherwise known as fleecing the punters and I'd expect similar profit shaped naughtiness if this 'super' league goes ahead.

It's a total non starter having clubs owning and running their own elite entry only super league. UEFA, FIFA the Premier League et al are pretty blooming useless and some even allege corruption within but at least they are separate bodies who have to show some degree of fairness and inclusivity.

Change can be good and there are facets of the current football set-up that need changing but it must be to improve them not abandon them altogether and replace with something even worse.

The fact FSG and the other club owners involved have announced this, with zero consultation with fans, managers or players is a giant two finger gesture and they will need to walk their ideas back with an apology pretty quickly if they wish to regain any degree of forgiveness and support.

Through history there have been many changes to the game of football and comparisons can be made with the creation of the Premier League and Champions League. The crucial point though is neither of those are exclusive closed shops.

Sure there are many unofficial barriers to entry, most notably needing enough money to buy the level of players required to reach them but still they exist within football's ladder system which teams can climb. I would love to see changes to make that system better but this is the polar opposite.

If this new European Super League goes ahead then at best it's hugely detrimental to the prestige of the existing Champions League and at worst destroys it altogether. It would also be extremely damaging to the Premier League.

There is no point burying our heads in the sand on that last point. If you take away the top four CL qualification component, then the instant teams cannot mathematically win the PL, they will abandon genuine effort to play each remaining game to their best ability.

For the current Champions League the winner receives around £150m, for the Premier League it's about £100m. This new league would be in the region of £300m. It's naive to think the far larger amount would not be prioritised at the expense of 'lesser' competitions.

Players would be rested in our domestic league so best elevens could be fielded in the super league. I have heard it suggested that might improve competition by giving other clubs a chance to beat weakened sides but that, in my opinion, is a nonsense.

I cannot view weakened sides in our most prestigious and first priority competition as a good thing under any circumstance and teams being able to win by playing other teams who are simply going through the motions, in the Premier League? You must be joking.

In addition with some clubs netting a guaranteed extra £300m every season how would it mesh with the other teams in the domestic league who are already at a huge financial disadvantage. It's power, profit and greed turned all the way to eleven.

What about the new competition itself? During conversation at the Nest it's been mentioned, and I've read the same elsewhere, that it would be nicer for us to play the bigger teams in a super league than it would to watch us take on relative minnows who qualify for the existing Champions League.

Not on your nelly say I. No thank you, I don't want to play Real bloody Madrid all the time. And that's not because we just lost to them either. I actually enjoy playing the smaller clubs and think it's part of what makes European competition so good.

If I were a travelling fan I'd also enjoy going to new places, meeting new people and enjoying new cultures. I do not want us to play Real bloody Madrid over and over and over again.

I implore people to really think about what is being suggested here. We have long berated the two big Spanish clubs and their league as a two horse race and we do the same in our criticism of the Scottish top tier league. On the other hand we herald the Premier League as being so much better.

This feels like we're one of the main proponents for making a new league that takes all the bad ingredients and makes one big, stinking, horrible, boring, never changing, all about the money, mess while destroying one of the few existing good leagues in the process. It's a no from me!

I would though like to underline all of that by saying I am not presently in the FSG OUT camp. They have made mistakes before and subsequently listened to fan feedback before changing their plans and that may be the case again.

We are yet to hear full details of the new league idea and it's far from certain it will be implemented at all. I understand and share the frustration and anger and to be clear again - I'm wholly against what has so far been reported.

On a finishing note: I still support our players, our club Liverpool and our manager and I will not at any point stop doing. No way, never going to happen. If something we all despise is enacted, we don't walk away, we fight to have it stopped or changed.

No one is taking our club and team from us, so let's ride these waves, supporting our players as we go and see where we wash up. In the meantime please post your thoughts below.

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