Liverpool v Newcastle | Live fans match thread!

Liver Bird versus Magpie, who will prevail? Hopefully us although the backdrop has not been a pleasant one, it's time to get back to the grindstone. A return to what we love and that's the dishing out of three pointed shellacking's.

Injury wise I think we're in reasonable shape. Nate Phillips is still out but Curtis Jones is back. Ive mentioned this before but I think it's high time we began to use Keita to see how he holds up. If we don't again today then what does it suggest?

Are we protecting Naby in order to sell him or purely because we're too frightened to risk breaking him. I suspect the latter and that is not a good way to go into next season. The plan no doubt is to (foolishly) kid ourselves that he'll become the bionic man over the summer.

He won't do and I will be damn angry if he's still with us next season, unless he can prove his worth and at least a modicum of robustness before this one finishes.

Elsewhere in our team we hope to see our attack find some form, our defence cope without Phillips and our midfield provide some goals and assists.

Liver Bird's Scorecast: FOUR NIL!


Prediction League
Will we keep a clean sheet (5 points)
Will we win the match (5 points)
What will the score be (5 points)
Get all three right for a bonus 15 points!


Just watching Jurgen's press conference and he's right, fans (including here) have said that the SL being off the table doesn't mean everything is now great. The new CL needs dealing with and in general how has it all gone so pear shaped?

Pure greed that's how, more and more and more and more games have been shoe horned in over the last decade and it's not for our benefit or for the good of the game, it's to make rich people richer. I think now is a good time for us fans to make a stand.

That stand isn't 'FSG Out' it's a stand against the wider issues in the game: We want and need quality not quantity. I can't think of a better way of summing it up. I can certainly live without three games a week, every week and would happily see one game a week where we're fully prepared, uninjured and the same is true of our opponent.

Why are we playing mickey mouse cups that no one gives a stuff about like the league cup. That isn't the only one - the new Euro comps are a pile of dung. Why are there more teams in the PL than most other top tier leagues. What is going on in European football? The whole thing is a mess and not of our doing or our team or manager's. Or even our owner's. It's the whole setup and it needs addressing.
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