Liverpool 7-1 Villa | The importance of scoring goals

Liverpool reap revenge, smashing Villa clean off the pitch with a veritable deluge of goals. Is what the headline should have read but sadly no. Instead I'm about to state the bleeding obvious, again. This summer we need to buy some goal scorers.

I won't concentrate too much on the finer detail of yesterday's game, mostly because I can't remember any of it it but also because I was already working on something which overall is a more pressing concern.

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When people discuss Liverpool's goal scoring woes a comment which often follows is 'we have the second highest goal scorer in the league', and we do. However, Mo is not enough. Even if Mane and Firmino were still chipping in with goals.

Jota has already made it to 20th in the league's top goal scorers. So that's two LFC players in that list. City have four. Which is twice as many - I did say I'd be stating the bleeding obvious.

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City don't just have three attacking players delivering the goods but in Gundogan a midfielder helping out. Yesterday, with Alexander-Arnold stepping up and showing our attackers how it's done, 
we also saw the importance of goals no matter where or who they come from.

I believe it's vital this summer we secure a reliable source of goals of this type. Think how many extra games we would have won this season alone if we had such a player.

Klopp's post-match thoughts

Over recent seasons we've had so many tight games and if we want to win the league next season we simply cannot keep placing total reliance on our attackers.

We might upgrade our attack and that would help no end and we could develop players like Trent and hope they score more but the best option in my view is we sign a midfielder who can dependably score goals. That can not be asking too much. Can it?

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