Liverpool 1 - 1 Newcastle | Reds in double trouble | Liver Bird Nest provides the solutions

Goooood, morning, Vietnaaaaaaaaaamm!!! Never gets old that. It's a beautiful day fellow Reds and I hope it's started well for all. Sadly yesterday's match wasn't a spirit lifting affair but rather more akin to an all too familiar battle which ends with both sides equal.

I'm not going to rate and rank the match in any great detail because who wants to relive that damp squib. In essence however it was: we start well, score a goal and then for the rest of the game......*

*Ridiculous misses not limited to Firmino, other players also unable to hit cow's backside with banjo.

So now we know the tale of the tape and it's patently clear scoring goals is a problem. Not just now but for at least the whole of this season if not longer. This brings me to trouble area numero uno.

Those of you with a keen eye may spot some SSS (Subtle Subliminal Solutions).

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In Salah we have a regular golden boot winner but there are often questions asked about his overall contribution, as well as the amount of chances he squanders. I think that's some kind of crazy talk.

Even in this bad season for Liverpool, Salah is still just one goal away from being the league's top scorer. We struggle for goals and people want to sell a player who scores shedloads of them? Madness.

However, Mane and Firmino cannot escape so lightly and I'm going to cut to the chase here, we should sell Firmino this summer and replace him with Mbappe. It's as simple as that. We want to win trophies and that would be a way to do it.

Mane we keep because he's a great all round attacking player and winger who will before long begin to score again. Plus in Jota we already have another player for the Firmino role. Now I've fixed our goal drought, let's take a look at trouble maker number deux.

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Give me a drum and I'll keep beating it until someone at Liverpool listens. How many times do I have to say this, Naby Keita needs shipping out. He's a soused goose taking up space which could be used by an actual football player which clearly he isn't.

I hope by now all fans, as well as Jurgen Klopp have finally realised this. Even when Keita is seemingly fit we're refusing to use him and that can only mean one of two things. We're wrapping him in bubble wrap to keep him undamaged before a summer sale - good.

Or, we're remaining deluded in the belief the summer has magical healing properties that can turn him into the incredible hulk. It can't and it won't, and if we deliver ourselves another shipment of fail next season by attempting it, I'll be chuffing annoyed.

Sell Keita. Buy Ruben Neves - a goal scoring, assist making midfielder who can play entire games of football multiple times in a season.

There, I have fixed everything.
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