Leeds United vs Liverpool FC l Live fans match day thread

LFC make the trip to Leeds where up until yesterday it was a must win game to stay in the hunt for a top four place to qualify for the Champions League.... Then with a few strategic leaks here and there "forcing" an official statement form LFC and various other clubs to confirm they are in the midst of starting up a brand new European Super League.

There are still a whole lot of rumours going around and emotions are running wild and for some therefore this game may have come a little too soon after the bombshell yesterday.  For those able to stomach LFC at the moment here is a possible line-up Klopp may go with:

Alisson, TAA, Oz, Nat, Robbo, Fab, Thiago, Bobby, Mane, Jota, Salah.

Well that's about it for the match day thread, fingers crossed this ESL fiasco has an amicable resolution.  On a happier note Jose Mourinho and his entire coaching staff were given the flick by Spurs today.

Liver Bird Scorecast: Four dog darn nil! (To us)


Prediction League
Will Jota score? (5 points)
Will Salah Score? (5 points)
Will mane score? (5 points)
Get all three correct for a bonus 15 points!
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