Don't be greedy! | LFC questions asked

If you snaffled the bait thinking this article was going to be about FSG and Super Leagues then I'm sorry to say you've been caught hook line and sinker but what do you expect, I am an angler after all.

So, now that I've reeled you in what is the article reel-ly about, boom tish!....

Well, it's short sweet and to the point. With the recent news of Liverpool's huge covid related financial losses, it seems clear our summer transfers will be a frugal affair.

Let's suppose then that we can only sign one player. Perhaps we'll sign more but hypothetically if we can only make one major signing what position should it be?

No leading observations from me today, I'm keen to get an uninfluenced feeling for the fan's view. So please cast your vote below and leave your reasoning in the comments.

Don't dilly dally! This is vitally important information for our owners, who clearly need fan guidance.

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