Do Liverpool have a Centre Forward crisis?

Over the last few seasons a large contingent of fans, myself included, have been calling for Liverpool to sign a designated striker and our failure to score against Real Madrid as we crashed out of the Champions League added further fire power to those cries.

In Thursday night's match day comments Nester FunkDoc stated he would 'love to see Harry Kane in a Liverpool shirt as he guarantee's a minimum of 20 goals every season.'

That got me thinking about this season and how we compare with other top EPL teams. So I jumped onto the official EPL website and gathered the relevant data (correct at end of match week 31).

Unfortunately I didn't have time to compare multiple seasons but enough to collate some numbers from this one for the following teams; Liverpool, City, United, Chelsea and Tottenham.

I've put together charts with each team's main players (I might have thrown in a few extra for LFC) and will give a brief run down of my view on each.

Here is what the LFC data shows. We have two of the top three players in scoring goals per game. Salah with 0.63 goals per match and Jota with 0.57 are narrowly edged out of top spot by Harry Kane with a successful strike rate of 0.66.

One of our downsides is the number of "Big Chances Missed". A total of 39 fluffed efforts from our three main forwards - more than any other club's combined strike force.

Currently Mo Salah and Harry Kane are joint golden boot leaders on 19 goals each, which isn't too bad considering both play for teams currently outside of the top four.

Moving to City - not literally - ewww. Other than Sterling their players just do not miss big chances, every other player than him is in low single digits.

The reason I believe is due to an unselfish tendency which is displayed in their far higher assist numbers. They're willing to lay the ball off to a player in a better position for an easy goal instead of trying to run it into the back of the net themselves when the path is not a clear one.

We'd do well to instil a similar sense of team work back into our side where it's perhaps waned.

Next we find ourselves at Varchester United. Well we all know how they get their goals, with their lead striker accumulating half his tally from spot kicks. United's two main attackers are otherwise rather wasteful like ours, we just don't get all the penalty calls. Okay enough about them let's move on.......

For the Pensioners, other than new boy Timo (with 16 big chances missed) it appears when one of their players is given a big chance they take it. Their numbers are otherwise relatively small, being the lowest scoring team in this group of five. Now let's take a look at their London neighbour, Tottenham.

Kane appears not only to score goals but also assist being Spurs highest ranked player with 13 assists this season. So he claims. As you look through the charts, see if you can notice what I picked up: both Spur's and LFC's stats are very similar and in return it's no surprise both teams are outside the top five.

Liverpool have scored 53 goals this season with 40 of them coming from our forward line and similarly Spur's main attackers have scored 41 of their 52 goals. Both team's most used midfield players have contributed a measly 4 goals.

Let's compare that with the other three clubs.

Manchester City: Forwards = 30 goals. Midfield = 26 goals. All goals scored = 67.

Manchester United: Forwards = 24 goals. Midfield = 27 goals. All goals scored = 61.

Chelsea: Forwards = 17 goals. Midfield = 12 goals. All goals scored = 50.

With a combined 29 goals coming from their forwards and midfield, Chelsea have added another 21 from elsewhere to reach their total of 50. The other team's tallies are comprised mainly from midfield and attack as would be expected. The balance between those two areas however is quite different.

Liverpool and Spurs have been extremely attack reliant but City and United have close to a 50/50 split in shared goal responsibility between central and forward players.

So this brings me back to FunkDoc and so many other fan's view that we need a dedicated forward who guarantees 20+ goals a season. Well I say we already have that in Salah and none of the teams this season have two high scoring forwards. Although Spurs are close with Son netting 14 times.

I believe these stats show we are missing goals from the rest of the team. Mainly our midfield which is exactly what Case brought up a few articles ago.

Three of the five clubs above have got players in various positions, including fringe players, willing and able to contribute goals directly but both LFC and Spurs rely heavily on their forward line.

In conclusion, I'm more than happy to keep our current front four, but we're in desperate need of a midfielder who can net 10 goals a season with 10 assists. A player with creativity and flair. In addition two or three signings with great promise, close to reaching their peak, to take the place of the Ox (who I adore) and the Origi who I adore a little less.

Do you agree with these views and conclusions or perhaps favour alternative approaches to us regaining our perch. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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