Arsenal v Liverpool | Live fans match thread!

We're back! 19 days fraught with peril and international injury danger have passed since our last amazing victory over Wolves, now we're set to go again versus Arsenal. Except bigger, brighter and better, with even more goals than the, one, we scored last time.

KISS: Nothing more is required. No advanced tactical hurrah, just a Keep It Simple Stupid approach where we score four goals and Arsenal score none.

Injury wise we're at the best point we've been all season with only our best defender, second best defender, third best defender, best Bobby, and best captain out. Fortunately Gareth Southgate didn't manage to succeed in adding to those woes.

What did happen in the international break is Jota, Salah and Gini scored and assisted like their lives depended on it. If Klopp fields a half decent line-up and they all play with that kind of spirit the job should be a winning one.

What might a decent line-up look like? This: Alisson, Robbo, Trent, Kabak, Phillips, Gini, Thiago, Fabinho, Salah, Jota, Mane.

Or, Jones takes Gini's place as he may well do next season on a permanent basis.

Or, we attempt to have Keita play a game of football. We should do as we need to ascertain if it's possible without breaking him. I doubt we will, instead favouring a head in sand and hope the problem goes away approach....

What say you all. Line-ups and predictions please. Here's some words from the gaffa to help you decide.

Liver Bird's Scorecast: 1-3!


Prediction League
Will Jota score? (5 points)
Which team will have the most corners? (5 points)
How many penalties will there be? (5 points)
Get all three right for a bonus 15 points!
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