Wolves v Liverpool | Live fans match thread!

This should be a good game, although that may be dependant on the tactics Wolves adopt. As they're at home let's hope they go for the win with some nice open football. In turn that would probably see us play well. If however they choose to park a bus we may struggle.

As far as I can tell Firmino still has a knee issue and has been absent from training but the rest are unchanged meaning not for the first game, defence versus midfield, will be the greatest interest for us. Will Klopp maintain the Kabak, Phillips, CB duo and use Fabinho centrally? I think we all hope so.

With ten PL games left to play it's vital we win as many as possible to have any chance of finishing top four. If we could take 30 points that would put us on 71 which in the last five seasons would have bagged a top four spot three times. Already then the odds are not great but still we must try.

Aside from aiming to finish in champions league places, we're playing for pride and keeping an eye on the likes of Keita, Kabak and Phillips to gauge how useful they may be next season.

I'd suggest with Keita he simply needs to not get injured. If he does again then personally it's a no from me. With Kabak I'd like to see some progression and oddly, Phillips, who was pretty much written off by Klopp and LFC has already done enough that I'd be happy to see him remain in the squad.

Defence stays the same, attack too - with Bobby out that picks itself and midfield seems likely to be Fabinho and Thiago with a choice then of Gini, Keita, Jones or Milner. I'd like to see Keita start.

It's hard to be ultra confident with our recent form but we were much better against RB Leipzig and hopefully we'll build on that tonight.

Liver Bird's Scorecast: Wolves can huff and puff (©J A Kanwar) but we'll be blowing their house down, 0-4!


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