Wolves 0 - 1 Liverpool | Progress made!

Wolves were left hungry but we have at least begun to go some way toward satiating our appetite for success. Before looking at that in more detail, I'd like to wish Wolves keeper Rui Patricio well.

Nobody wants to see players leaving the pitch on a stretcher and head injuries are particularly concerning. Thankfully he was talking shortly afterwards and remembered what happened which is an encouraging sign, although he's still being closely monitored to be on the safe side.

Should the new offside rule which can potentially lead to unnecessary injuries like this one be changed? I'm not sure but they have at least done well with the concussion substitute provision.

Regards our performance, I was encouraged by defence, with Kabak and Phillips more than worthy of their clean sheet. If this continues then they both look good prospects for next season in some capacity, be it main choice or cover.

After recent personal tragedy which will not be quick healing, Alisson was still brilliant and has quickly reminded us just how good a keeper he is. He makes match winning contributions on a regular basis and without his five saves last night we may have left with zero points.

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In attack it was pleasing to see Jota back on the score sheet. He didn't have the best of games in general but that's okay when not long back from injury. Still he managed to contribute where it counts which is more than can be said for Mane and Salah.

In fact, edging Mane and comfortably surpassing Salah in several vital areas: goals, shots on target and duels won, Jota was likely our best attacker on the night. That's starting to beg the question do we need to add to our attack this summer? I would suggest we do.

Klopp's match reaction.

The area I'd like to focus on is midfield. It was far from stellar last night with Thiago failing to replicate the impact he had against RB Leipzig and Wijnaldum and Fabinho not much better.

I've long held the view that even with all players fit and available we lack a midfield attacking threat. Both as a source of goals and being able to find a way through defences which doesn't rely on going down the flanks. A Coutinho or Gerrard 2.0 would be perfect, a combo even better.

Keita was meant to be that player but despite being back in the squad for our last six games, a possible 590 minutes of pitch time, he's played just 142 minutes and in those 142 minutes I've yet to be convinced he's good enough or that we have the confidence to deploy him enough.

I know others are happier in their appraisal of Keita and I don't wish to pick on him but the reason I'm banging this drum with some repetition is it's a vitally important aspect to get right if we're to reclaim our perch next season.

We just don't have that central player who strikes fear into opposition defences. Maybe Keita can be it but it's far from clear and we must start using him more in the remaining games to find out. To do otherwise is to burry our heads in the sand.

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Keita is also not a player we can afford to keep as a luxury. He was bought for big money and at 26 should be hitting his peak years. If, for reasons of talent or robustness, he's not the man for the job then he's taking up too big a part in our squad to be tenable and should make way for someone else.

At present, I'm afraid I can only go on the scant evidence available which suggests the pragmatic thing is to cut our losses and try again with a new attempt at signing a attacking midfield maestro.

There's still time for Naby to make a case for himself though and the fact (due to Covid quarantine rules) we're set to get him back from international duty after just one game can only help. Let's hope as many players as possible, including Keita, and Hendo, are fit and available for Arsenal.

In the meantime I'll try and tantalise with talk of possible summer transfers. Stay tuned!.......

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