Top four finish? | Never say never with Liverpool

Morning Reds, hope you're well. Just a quick piece for your perusal. The topic: how realistic is a top four finish. The premise: it's doable but only if we win all our remaining fixtures. The argument: we can!

With nine games left we find ourselves sixth, five points behind fourth placed Chelsea. To usurp them we need maximum points and Chelsea to suffer either two losses or one loss and two draws.

The latter scenario would mean we'd need to bridge a goal difference deficit of seven. I concede these outcomes sound a tall order and that's because they are. But they're not impossible.

There's no alternative anyway - I would stop supporting a team who instead decided to throw the towel in. That's not in our nature and shouldn't ever be. So, the key could be remaining fixtures.

Before we look at those it's also worth noting current form. I may be about to display some whopping big rose tints but Chelsea have drawn three of their last five league games, whereas we've won 100% of our last two matches.

In all seriousness, the form book does show Chelsea are picking up draws and who is to say we won't continue are recent form. It's not like we're strangers to long win streaks.

Here are both teams remaining league fixtures

We have four home games to their five but unusually for us that might be a benefit as we've struggled at Anfield. Our most difficult game looks to be against Utd, whereas theirs is against City.

Both teams have to play Arsenal, Villa, Palace and West Brom and so with four identical opponents and one Manchester fixture a piece it seems a fairly similar run in.

They however have to face fellow top four contender Leicester which could be telling, as well as fifth placed West Ham who will also be competing hard to make next season's champions league places.

Brighton may be scrapping to avoid relegation and could prove a tricky game for Chelsea but Fulham will likely already be resigned to championship football and roll over. It is a London derby though.

We don't have as many top six teams to face and mid-table-ish Leeds don't have anything to play for so will hopefully be more concerned with thoughts of their summer break.

In Newcastle, Burnley and Southampton we've three opponents likely battling hard to stay in the EPL.

What can we conclude?

The odds are stacked against us with Chelsea heavy favourites if for no other reason than the five point gap they have. Add to that our newly found winning form is still in it's infancy.

Chelsea have the FA Cup to contend with and we're both still in the Champions League. They arguably have a squad in better shape but we have returning players......

I'm going to put my neck on the line and predict we still finish fourth - am I right?

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