Potential in Pulisic or are we just winging it?

According to reports Liverpool are on high alert regards a possible summer transfer of Christian Pulisic who may be set to leave Chelsea due to manager Thomas Tuchel snubbing him.

High alert they say? well this is sounding nailed on, concrete, dead set, no doubt about it. As such it's prudent of us to consider the reported purport and consider it we shall.

We have a good track record of taking out of favour Chelsea players and turning them into worldies. Salah, Sturridge, Victor Moses, the list is almost endless. Dominic Solanke.

This deal may have some legs as we already tried to sign Pulisic. When Klopp first joined us we made a bid of £11million to buy him from Klopp's previous club Dortmund. The bid was rejected but Klopp's clearly a fan and so it's probable we've kept tabs on the 22 year old American.

Pulisic's nationality is another reason that favours a deal. It makes sense for us to have a player from the US. From a marketing point of view FSG would likely consider it a plus.

Of most interest to fans, Pulisic is a really good player. Fast, great first touch, skilful direct dribbling and with a good work rate in terms of pressing the opposition. All qualities that would fit like a glove.

Will Salah be at Liverpool next season? We don't know but what we do know is we're short of quality cover on our wings. Pulisic is a right winger but equally at home on the left or in the centre.

With a market value of around £45million he could provide great cover and rotation options or possibly become an outright replacement should any of Mo and Co depart.

The catch

While Pulisic normally has a keen eye for goal, scoring 11 with 10 assists from 34 games in the 2019/20 season, during the current season he's experiencing a real slump in form. In 28 games he's scored only 2 goals with 2 assists. Hardly amazing.

The kicker

The persuader

We know his injury record will appeal to FSG and their money-ball bargain hunting philosophy but are we convinced Pulisic's on pitch performance is good enough to make it a risk worth taking?

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