Hey! Southgate! Leave our Trent alone! | Alexander-Arnold slammed by England manager

Goooooood morning Vietnaaaammm!!! No relevance to the article, I just like saying it and for those of you fortunate to be young enough not to have a clue where it hails from, it's a movie of the same name which you should be sure to watch. It's from the best decade, the 80's!

Now, about this dreadful pickle which Trent finds himself in. Was Southgate right to leave him out of his England squad and was he right to add insult to injury with the following comment.

"Alexander-Arnold has not played at the level that he found in the last couple of years."

I shall set out the case in an unbiased and neutral manor. First it's important to note, Gareth is well qualified when it comes to international performance. When the chips are down, this is a man who knows what it takes to stand up and be counted.

Sadly, it turns out, knowing what it takes to stand up and be counted, in big important matches, isn't the same as being able to stand up and be counted. For reference, here's an example of the latter.

Good, I think we've now established beyond reasonable doubt that Gareth Southgate is a complete tit who knows nothing about football and like most of his predecessors, is England manager simply because he's a boot licking yes man.

Alexander-Arnold on the other hand is one of the finest right-backs on the planet who now looks set to miss the Euro's this summer. If Southgate is of the mind Trent's presently not good enough then there's surely not enough time left in the season for that to change.

This means the England manager has handicapped his team before the tournament has even started. Yup, that's right, to be England manager you must also be moronical. Bravo Gareth, you've passed with flying colours.

What does this mean for Liverpool. Will Trent be able to repeat his champions league heroics with this as a backdrop?

Well right about now, I imagine he's gone from disappointed, to spitting feathers.

I'm certain he'll do his best to prove the penalty missing, pizza advert, stupid waistcoat wearing man wrong but likely he'll also have a lingering feeling of deflation which might not bode well for Liverpool.

The main point here is was Southgate right to make such a comment. Granted TAA hasn't always been at his best this season but in my view that's not for Southgate to come out and say.

Normally England managers take a diplomatic route and concentrate on talking about the players they have picked, not the ones they haven't.

Southgate could easily have answered the question he was asked regards Trent's non-selection in a manor which avoided player critique and sullying relationships.

So, is Alexander-Arnold deservedly behind Kieran Trippier, Reece James and even Kyle Walker on merit? And was Southgate right to break from tradition in his public criticism.
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