Liverpool v RB Leipzig | Champions League Round of 16 2nd Leg (Agg 2-0) | Live fans match thread!

Right, time to win ourselves a dog darn Champions League. Number seven no less and let's hope it's lucky. First thing's first, who is and isn't injured?

My brain is frazzled trying to keep track of our injuries but I'm determined to manage it this try. Prior attempts resulting in head scratching and a trip to the kettle for another cup of tea. Here goes!

Van Dijk - injured. Henderson - injured. Matip - injured. Gomez - injured. Firmino - injured.

Actually that's a relatively short list and probably some kind of record for our season to date.

Unfortunately it's not all fun, fun, fun because Bobby's status has changed from 'just a minor knock' and 'probably back for the RBL game' to 'he missed training today with a *knee* complaint and is now doubtful for this match'

In better news, Kabak who was absent against Fulham also with what Klopp described as a minor issue, did take part in training today and looks to be in contention for tomorrow.

That leads us nicely to the question which largely dominates all others: Who will Klopp play in defence and who should he play in defence?

I've bounced from one answer to another on this issue like a geriatric on a pogo stick and am still none the wiser. Earlier in the season I was in the aces in their places camp. Then I changed my mind because we lacked available centre back aces and Fabinho was doing a great job covering.

Since then I've changed back and forth a few more times but think I'm settling on fellow Nester Sid and other's view that we're stuffed in defence no matter what, so let's get Fabinho back in midfield where improvements there may help get our attack to suck a little less.

Talking of attack, Firmino's injury surely dictates we'll play Mane, Jota and Salah? This seems the obvious choice although don't rule out Klopp choosing a Shaqiri, Origi, Oxlade front three.

This match sees us return to Budapest due to Covid travel restrictions and that may be a blessing in disguise as Anfield isn't doing us any favours. With a two nil 'away' defined lead we should finish this match victorious on aggregate.

Will Klopp set us up with a bias toward defending that lead or adding more goals to put the tie out of sight. Which of those should he do and what line-up do you think he should use?

Liver Bird's Scorecast: European Liverpool FC can not be beat, 4-0!


Prediction League
Which team will take the most shots in total? (5 points)
Will the game go to extra time? (5 points)
Will Jota score? (5 points)
Get all three right for a bonus 15 points!
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