Liverpool v Fulham | Live fans match thread!

Before we begin this match thread I know the eagle eyed among you will have spotted the article thumbnail is the well known painting by William (Willy to his friends) Ward, called the Cottagers.

There's a reason for that. If Romper's looking in I know he favours the occasional custom image for our articles and aiming to keep that tradition, I googled Fulham's nickname for inspiration.

I already knew most club's nicknames, The Bitters, that's Everton of course. The Tossers, Utd, and The Cheats - no need to elaborate further on that one. But I didn't know Fulham's.

Google initially revealed they're known as The Cottagers. However, upon searching further on cottaging to find out why, I can only say I was quite surprised by the results.

Every day we learn something new and I'm a modern man who thinks more power to their elbows but all said and done Willy's picture seemed a more family friendly option for the article.

Moving swiftly on, the match. Yes, we should try and win it, ideally four nil and really there's no reason why we can't do. Jota is back. Phillips is back. Davies is back. Fabinho can be back, in midfield.

Let's get Keita involved as well and the job should be a good one. Clean sheet, plenty of goals and home in time for tea and biscuits.

All we can ask is for Kloppo to keep trying and our players to do likewise. We'll keep supporting and in time we'll be flying high once more. Each game now can help us learn something toward that end.

My line-up

Alisson, Robertson, Phillips, Davies, T2A, Jean Gini, Thiago, Keita, Jota, Mane, Salah

Klopp's pre-match presser

Liver Bird's Score Cast

Please dog, for the love of all that's holy, make it 4-0.


Prediction League
Will Jota score? (5 points)
How many shots on target will we have? (5 points)
Which of our defenders will make the most tackles? (5 points)
Get all three right for a bonus 15 points!

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