Liverpool v Chelsea | Live fans match thread!

Big match this, exciting too. With Chelsea one point ahead of us in fifth, a victory would be huge in our bid to finish in the top four and we have not one, not two but three players possibly back to help.

Fabinho, Alisson and Jota are all in the running, the former two seem almost certain to play and Jota's more of an outside chance but a chance nonetheless. The first question is where will Fabs play.

As you'd expect this was asked of Klopp in his pre-match press conference and equally predictably he was tight lipped in his response.

This season Klopp's been consistent in using Fabinho or Henderson at centre-back and my guess is that won't change, especially not in a match of this magnitude.

Selecting a Phillips/Fabinho duo would be a huge vote of no confidence in new signing Kabak and it so seems fairly certain we'll see a pairing of Kabak and Fabinho.

Backed by Alisson and flanked by Trent and Robbo, this defensive unit should be good enough to stop goal shy Chelsea. Particularly if their leading scorer Tammy Abraham is out as a result of the ankle injury he picked up in early week training but we'll not know that until the teams are announced.

Klopp's pre-match thoughts.

Midfield is where things get tricky. Wijnaldum will start, so too will Thiago but will they be accompanied by Jones, Keita or Milner? I think it's probably Jones but would be pleased to see Keita. Milner for me would be going too defensive.

In attack perhaps we'll spring a surprise and start Jota but more likely it'll be Salah, Mane and Firmino. So, lots of shots around the vicinity of the goal and a few straight at the keeper. Lucky deflections will be welcome, hopefully not required.

In our last game we appeared to have tweaked our tactics. It was often a three at the back with Robertson staying high up the pitch and in attacking phases his counterpart, T2A, was to be found in central areas more than normal.

I've heard mention that Klopp's possibly embarking on a formation change. I 've also heard of flying pigs. Our manor of play did feel more urgent and with more bite to it last time however.

It'll be interesting to see if that change was a one off, due to bottom of the league opposition, or if it will continue in this match against far tougher opponents. It may be a tight game but ultimately if we play well we every chance of winning it.

Whatever the result, one thing is imperative - we give it our all and put in a good showing for one of LFC's very finest legends, Ian St John. Sadly passing this week aged 82, we extend our best wishes to his loved ones. Gone to a better place but never forgotten and never walking alone.


Liver Bird's Scorecast: 2-0, in the first half and then 2-0 in the second.

Prediction League
+/-10% what possession will we have? (5 points)
Which team will have the most corners? (5 points)
How many shots outside the box will we have? (5 points)
Get all three right for a bonus 15 points!
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