Liverpool 2-0 RB Leipzig (Agg 4-0!) | Champions League Round of 16 | Return of the Jedi

Jurgen Skywalker has returned to his home planet of Europe in an attempt to rescue his friend Liverpool from the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba the injury monster.

Little does Jurgen know the Galactic UEFA Empire has secretly begun construction on a new armoured referee they call dark troopers which are even more powerful than the first dreaded VAR star.

Left unchallenged, this ultimate weapon could spell certain doom for the small band of Nesters struggling to restore silverware to the Liverpool trophy cabinet.......

Jurgen uses his powers wisely. Deploying Jedi Fabinho centrally, droids Phillips and Kabak in defence and rebels Mane, Salah and Jota in attack.

Despite the dark trooper in charge aiming no less than 18 fouls and 4 off-sides at us the force prevails.

Allibacca strong in goal, x-wing fighters Trent and Robbo unstoppable and, eventually, Masters Mo and Mane strike at the heart of the evil empire. After performing a software update C3JOTAO is able to assist in the victory.

Pivotal in this battle was our central strength - with Jedi Fabinho returned, Hans Thiago was able to mount quite the assault.

Many dark troopers remain in our path and our Jedi's must stay healthy, vigilant and be made best use of positionally but fresh from this victory we have new hope.

Shrouded in red Jurgen Skywalker is heard to quietly say 'ha ha ha, Bayern lost!' as he leads his rebels Kloppwards and upwards.....

To all our Red resistance, here and in galaxies above, YNWA

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