Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea | Reality bites

As it turns out then Chelsea are better than Sheffield, annoyingly so but we can do little more than recognise the best team won and I'm concluding the worst team lost. Sadly that's all too often us.

BUT, no good comes from wallowing in the mire, unless you're a pig, or a pair of scantily glad beauties having a mud wrestling match. Sorry, like our players last night, my mind seems inclined to wander.....

Finding this another tough result to dissect, I had settled on writing about our attack. Defence has been done to death and we accept much there cannot be helped - 19 different combinations just isn't conducive to building a bastion.

Okay thinks I, what excuse do our attack have for producing just one shot on target?

I had loaded up a stats site and want you to know I was quite prepared to slavishly compile a highly detailed look at our attackers. I realised however it's self evident that they haven't been able to hit a cow's backside with a banjo.

On top of that if we want to blame our attack we first need to ascertain if they're being let down by poor service from midfield. Once more I was set to leave no stone unturned in my investigation, until it dawned on me it's chuffing obvious our midfield has been poor.

Plus, if we want to hold our midfield to account, we need to consider if they're getting the support they need from..... you guessed it, we're back in defence. Going full circle we've ended at the beginning.

The worst team is losing and presently that's too often us. The key word there being team.

It is pointless trying to blame any individual or set of players when it's clear our entire team has been rocked. Plagued by injury, tragic family losses, Covid's unrelenting cloud of misery and a similarly unrelenting fixture schedule, we find we are not superhuman. Especially without our twelfth man.

However this article's not about doom and gloom. As frustrating as it is we must accept the above reality while keeping our support and overall belief. There's also much constructive and positive debate to be had about how we improve things as players return and then further still in the summer. When we can get rid of half of them....

Bit tongue in cheek there but is it possible to start honing in on the largest unknowns? The known knowns are players like Origi - gone, Wijnaldum - gone (we assume). But which areas and players are the most important to look at over the remainder of the season?

KEITA There, I said it! No idea why he didn't play last night but he must play a lot of the remaining games. We need to improve midfield. Jones has done a fine job and personally I'm happy to conclude he's good enough to be in the squad next season. Now we need to see if Keita is.

Oxlade No point in keeping him. There just isn't. That's my strong view but debate is the name of the game and please post any counter views.

Shaqiri Sell him! He's just not good enough and doesn't fit any position well enough.

Matip I know there's an argument for keeping some players in the belief they will be good cover when VVD and others are back but I disagree. I just cannot make a case for injury prone players. Sell.

I get the feeling even if we had City's squad, Klopp would mostly stick with the same eleven, as he values the team principles so highly and that is his and our strength.

With that in mind we'd be better with a small squad of reliable, quality players, than one half filled with frail souls who sods law dictates and this season proves, are bound to be injured when we need them.

Once we've sold some of the above, possibly more, Adrian for example, Milner another, I think we need to bring in three new players. One quality, reliable, tough as nails defender. One quality, reliable, tough as nails midfielder and one quality, reliable, tough as nails attacker.

Back will be Minamino, Van Dijk, Gomez, Henderson. A new defender means Fabinho's returned to midfield. Jota is already available again in attack. Add a quality striker, Coutinho-esque midfielder and a Van Dijk 2.0 in defence and we're cooking on league winning gas.

Over to you Klopp and FSG.
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