Hungary v Poland | A very important game for the future of Liverpool

Hungary versus Poland, 7.45PM tonight, be there or be square. But why is this match so important to Liverpool FC's future you ask? A very good looking question. The answer, Piotr Zielinski.

And why is the 26 year old Pole potentially so vital? He's being touted as Gene Gini's replacement.

Of course now I've said all of that he probably won't play tonight and we probably won't sign him but just in case let's have a look at his stats and see if he's any good.

With growing opinion that Wijnaldum has already committed to joining Barca this summer, would we miss his 3 goals and 0 assists from 40 games this season? Possibly not.....

Within 36 games Zielinski who's valued around £40million has scored 8 goals for current club Napoli and also provided them 8 assists.

For context however: Zielinski's positional breakdown, 23 games as an AM and 13 at CM. Wijnaldum, 25 games at CM and 15 as a DM.

It's not really possible to make a direct comparison then but I'd suggest we can conclude Zielinski has a better strike rate than Gini if for no other reason than it's nigh on impossible not to.

It's clear though Zielinski is more of a central and attacking midfielder by trade and that's fine because it's exactly what we need.

Fabinho, Thiago and Henderson all excel in the defensive midfield role, what we lack are goals, assists and general creativity. Perhaps Zielinski could be the ace to fill that space?

Okay let's not beat around the bush (no PK!), hurry up and sign him already. Not since Coutinho left have we had a midfield maestro of this ilk and at times it's been telling.

So many games last season we successfully defended a one goal lead, all the way to league victory but it would have been easier if we'd had a midfield contributing more to our attack.

This season, we just haven't been able to cope with so many injuries but equally we've struggled for goals and a player like Zielinski could have made a huge difference.

Possibly even enough to have kept us in with a chance of defending our title. There isn't even a catch in the injury department. In stark contrast to Pulisic's table I posted in our last article here is Zielinski's.

Make it happen FSG!

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