Welcome to Liverpool Memphis Depay (?) | Next season starts now

Our lack of squad management has resulted in a disappointing 2020/21 season and although there's still much to play for we must start preparing for 2021/22.

A one off mistake is forgiveable, back to back lash ups are less so and with that in mind, something we'll all agree on, Origi is not good enough. Among many facets of our squad which need improvement, centre forward is perhaps the least debatable.

Today's talk of the town is Dutchmen Memphis Depay and to address the elephant in the room, yes he could be deemed a Manchester United reject and it's true his time there was far from successful.

This can easily be seen in Depay's stats.

2011-15 PSV Eindhoven, 90 appearances 39 goals.

2015-17 Manchester Utd, 33 appearances 2 goals.

2017 to date, Lyon, 126 appearances 56 goals.

What's clear however is Utd are the exception. Elsewhere Depay performs well and the reasoning could be explained with this additional statistic: Manchester United, manager, Louis van Gaal.

Depay's record gets even better when position played is taken into account.

2014/15, 40 goals LW.

2015/16, 37 goals LW, 3 goals SS. 1 goal RW, 1 goal CF.

2016/17, 16 goals LW, 1 goal SS, 1 goal RW, 1 goal CF.

2017/18, 38 goals LW, 1 goal AM, 7 goals CF.

At this point he's looking a pretty good left winger but then.....

2018/19, 25 goals CF, 9 goals LW, 8 goals AM, 2 goals RW.

2019/20, 12 goals CF, 5 goals AM, 5 goals LW. (only played 

2020/21, 17 goals CF, 5 goals LW, 2 goals AM.

....it turns out he's none too shabby as a centre forward either.

It seems clear to me Depay's a good player and Utd just failed to get the best out of him. During his stint there questions were asked regards Depay's lavish lifestyle and whether that was negatively effecting his performance. I've no idea what the answer to that is but he was young and possibly lacking judgement.

Depay's now 26 and however he may or may not have changed off pitch - thought I saw on YouTube he is also a singer but must surely have imagined that - it appears he's hitting his peak on it. The kicker? Take a look at 2019/20 above. The goal output drop was due to him only playing 22 games and that was due to a thigh problem, and a cruciate ligament rupture.

Oh dear. Things were sounding peachy up until that point but might we still be tempted?

Depay's contract is up in the summer and he could be going cheap. Talk of around £40m has been reported and these things sound like they may appeal to our owners. What do us fans think?

EDIT: He is also a singer which may further FSG's profit driven interest. If he's no good at football they could enter him on Britain's got talent instead.
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