Two defend or not two defend | What is the answer?

Just a quick pre-match teaser for you today. The talk of the town is if Fabinho's fit enough he will partner Henderson in defence against City. The question: is this a good idea?


Our new centre-back signings need time to adapt to our style of play and learn what Klopp wants from them. As well as building an understanding and positional awareness with the rest of the team.

Throwing them straight into combat against City could be akin to chucking them into a lion's den. Although as we know, Sterling is more of a mewling millennial milquetoast.

Fabinho has proven himself to be exemplary in the centre-back role and is therefore a known known. Henderson has done similar, perhaps not to as high a level of defensive competence but still we could reasonably expect a solid showing from them.


The biggest negative is we'd lose two of our best midfielders. This in my view has been one of the main factors in our poor form and results.

What does it say to Davies and Kabak if we choose midfielders in defence over them? It suggests we don't back them as good enough and what was the point of buying them if that's the case.

On the flip side if we use one or both of them and it goes well then it could be a huge confidence builder and boost for the rest of the season.


The only sensible thing to do here is take the middle ground. Play one of Henderson or Fabinho in defence alongside one of Davies or Kabak. I'd suggest it be Fabinho and that we use Henderson in midfield where he's been sorely missed.

What say you all? Am I right, or am I right.

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