Sheffield United v Liverpool | Live fans match thread!

Morning all, hope everyone is well. Back to the grindstone we go, with an away game against the Blades being the perfect opportunity to bounce back. Our current form however means anything could happen.

On the injury front Klopp confirmed that Jota's returned to training and is apparently looking razor sharp. He's only just back though and after a lengthy lay off it seems doubtful he'll start.

Elsewhere in the squad newly injured Henderson - thigh injury which required surgery - will be out until at least April and it's knife edge stuff as to if he'll play again this season.

In better news, both Fabinho and Milner will be returning to training soon and hopefully available to play shortly thereafter.

When asked about securing a top four finish Klopp described it as a big challenge which we have to accept it is. Even more so now we're missing our captain.

On our last thread Asif linked an article which confirmed we have officially had the most injuries in the league. There's no doubt now that misfortune has severely curtailed our season but we have to take it on the chin and keep trying in each and every game to do the best we can.

Also linking back to our previous article, Keita was on the bench in our last game and I'd like to see him at least used in this one. Time to find out if he can cut the mustard.

Klopp's pre-match thoughts.

It will be interesting to see how he approaches this fixture but fast running out of options, this is the team I'd favour.

Kelleher, Tsimikas, Kabak, Phillips, Alexander-Arnold, Thiago, Wijnaldum, Jones, Mane, Firmino, Salah.

It would be nice to start Keita but it seems prudent to use him later in the game as a sub.

Defence wise we've very little choice. Let's hope that turns out to be a blessing with Kabak and Phillips showing they're up to the task and against bottom of the league Sheffield, why not take the opportunity to rest Robertson.

In midfield we'll likely stick with the three I've listed who will be solid if unspectacular and until Jota is back, I guess it will be the same trio in attack. We could perhaps use Shaq or Ox but whichever eleven we go with it must surely be capable of beating Sheffield. Right?

You may note I left Alisson out. As we're all aware he sadly lost his father this week in very tragic circumstances and is faced with further tragedy in not being able to attend the funeral due to the current travel restrictions.

Klopp didn't say if Alisson will or won't play and I imagine the choice will be left to the player but it seems likely he won't. Either way he has our support and best wishes.

That's the note I'd like to finish on: really tough times for so many people at present, in our team, in our community here and right across the planet - to all who are struggling - YNWA.


Liver Bird's Scorecast: This season is trying to strike us down but we will become more powerful than Utd and Everton fans can possibly imagine. 0-4.

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