Rodgers v Klopp | Live fans match thread!

Should be an outstanding occasion this. I expect to see lots of beautiful technicians showing great character. Which team will win? Answers on a postcard inside three sealed envelopes along with the names of players which will let us down. No Romps, you can't include Origi more than once ;-)

Heading into this match we know we need to improve and after beating the same drum, week in week out for no consistent gain, it's fair to conclude we need to try tapping some different tunes.

Of course that relies on us having more than the same dozen or so fit and available players. Naturally on that front we have yet another injury to account for, this time Fabinho, AGAIN, with a muscle issue.

Continuing along the well trodden injury news path: After being told around three weeks ago that Jota would be back soon, he's now said to be out for at least another three weeks. Of course. But at least we have Minamino to help out in Southampton's attack.

Right, yes, I must try and rein back my incredulity at our sheer incompetence in squad management and list a winning line-up for Jurgen to use and right on queue, here it is.

Alisson, Tsimikas, Kabak or Davies (both if the ref doesn't notice), Phillips, Alexander-Arnold, Thiago, Henderson, Jones, Mane, Firmino, Salah.

As is blindingly obvious to everyone, we struggle without Henderson in midfield, so I expect Klopp to play him in defence. If he does and we lose then it will be Klopp's fault - time we stopped mincing about and began calling it as it is.

That said, providing we show willing to search for improvement then win lose or draw, I'll be the first to commend our efforts. When the going gets tough we are not found wanting in terms of belief and support but our team and manager need to do their bit too.

Back to the team selection and personally I'd rest Robbo because he's played 800 games on the trot and we have an important Champions League tie on Tuesday followed by Everton next weekend.

Bench Gini, he's played his fair share of the games in which we've stunk the gaff up, so let's try a more dynamic midfield and see if we can create some goals.

Liver Bird's Scorecast: Get the line-up right and, 0-4!


Prediction League
Will Henderson start in defence or midfield? (5 points)
Will we keep a clean sheet? (5 points)
Which team will have the most corners? (5 points)
Get all three correct for a further 15 points!
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