RB Leipzig v Liverpool | CL Round of 16 | Live fans match thread!

There has been much to bemoan in our season so far but one thing we cannot argue is that it's jolly exciting heading into each game with literally zero clue what will happen.

Football's always been a sport in which anything can occur but aren't we lucky to have shaken off that boring predictable streak where we just won every game we played. That said, starting with this match let's do our best to get back to that!

In his pre-match press conference, predictably Jurgen was asked what has gone wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. Even more predictably he provided no answers, although he did appear to claim our last few game's score-lines have not fairly reflected our performances.

Do others agree that it's just been a few individual mistakes which need cutting out to restore us to top form? I don't. I also find it worrying that Klopp does think that.

Regardless, before kick off is a time for optimism, hope and belief, so let's see how we approach the match and keep our fingers crossed it's successful.

In terms of injuries there is some good news as Naby Keita returned to training today. Klopp confirmed Keita has recovered from his hamstring injury but that he is not yet match fit and thus won't take part in this fixture. All other injury status appear to be unchanged.

At the risk of sounding like the above, the biggest talking point remains our defence and whether we'll continue to use Jordan Henderson there or return him to midfield.

My view on this is strongly held and unchanged: yes we should put our ace back in his centre of the pitch space but I doubt Klopp will do. I'd go with the following line-up though.

Alisson, Robertson, Kabak, Phillips, Alexander-Arnold, Thiago, Henderson, Jones, Mane, Firmino, Salah.

We're rightly proud to who have won so many Champions Leagues, often as underdogs. We have a great chance to do so again and still secure some silverware this season.

Playing at home I expect Leipzig to try and seize the initiative. This will hopefully mean an open game which seems to suit us better than battling parked buses.

It should be a great evening but what line-up would you like to see and how do you rate our chances?

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Prediction League
Will Henderson play in defence or midfield? (5 points)
Will we keep a clean sheet? (5 points)
Which team's keeper will make the most saves? (5 points)
Get all three correct for a further 15 points!
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