RB Leipzig 0-2 Liverpool | It was alright on the night | No bloopers in Budapest

What what, splendid, I should say so. Yes. That was much more like it. Just what the doctor ordered and a two away goals victory sets us up nicely for the home leg. Which will be played away(?).

Must confess, I struggle with post match articles when we win. If we lose there are always obvious things to moan about offer constructive advice on but when we win, I can't really just type, everything was marvellous, even though it was, and see you all for the next match.

For this article then I'd like to consider a new theory: It's time to jettison prior annoyances regards round pegs in square holes and embrace aces in new places. Especially if they begin to excel there.

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Last night Henderson was once more our midfield ace used in a new place. The result, a convincing win along with a clean sheet. I'm happy with that, you're happy with that. If we start doing such consistently then everybody's happy with that.

There were a few shaky moments in defence early on in the game but over the whole match did Hendo excel there enough to suggest it'll become a repeating trend? Let's find out.

Jordan B Henderson

Clearances 5. Blocked shots 0. Interceptions 1. Tackles 0. Dribbled past 0.

Okay, that doesn't sound stellar but how does it compare to RBL's main man Upamecano?

Dayot O Upamecano

Clearances 2. Blocked shots 0. Interceptions 1. Tackles 2. Dribbled past 0.

Not a massive difference but Hendo probably nudges it via his clearance count. That's actually very good considering how highly rated Upamecano is.

For context and further comparison let's take a look at our new defensive addition Kabak.

Ozan M Kabak

Clearances 2. Blocked shots 0. Interceptions 3. Tackles 4. Dribbled past 0.

Ozan wins! (you have to voice that in Mortal Kombat tone) We know from watching the game that Kabak put in a good solid display and indeed he's been voted MOTM by some fans.

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It was a great response to his wobbly debut and really encouraging progress in our quest to repair defence. Henderson however more than played his part including showing his range of passing again with some nice long balls out to start attacks.

I won't list the stats every post-match but will keep an eye on them and if Henderson continues to play well I'd suggest we keep that CB pairing of him and Kabak. At least until Fabinho's back.

All of that said, Klopp will probably now return Hendo to midfield :-) If he doesn't, I propose we move to giving the aces in new places strategy our backing and support and inject some belief into it working, as last night proved it can.

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In more general terms there was plenty of reason to be happy throughout. Some very good performances from Mane, Kabak, Alexander-Arnold and Jones. Alisson and others were fairly solid.

We edged the possession against a very good side who are flying high in their domestic league, mostly controlled the game and converted two of our three shots on target.

Next up is Round 2 against Everton. Chances are Henderson's plays in defence again which we're now down with (?) and so let's continue to move through the gears as we blast them off the pitch.
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