Liverpool v Brighton | Live fans match thread!

After an exciting finish to the transfer window it's back to the grindstone as we look for three more points. This time from Anfield bound Brighton.

Our two new centre-backs are eligible to play right away and with Matip now out for the season and Fabinho still injured they may need to.

Klopp has the tricky job of trying to bed our new players in and have them learn our style of play and the players themselves need to learn how to play as a unit. These things need to be accomplished alongside us continuing to play every three or so days and keep winning.

We're fortunate to have one of the best coaches in the world and fantastic team spirit. That should tip the odds in our favour. Tonight's game won't be an easy start to that process however as Brighton can be a danger. They held us to a draw earlier in the season and have just beaten Tottenham.

Listening to Klopp's pre-match interview was especially interesting as he described how 'highly rated Minamino' was loaned out because it was 'hard to get him two games on the trot'

Hmmm, in a period where the rest of our attackers struggled, I don't understand why. Klopp also mentioned Taki's a long term project but at 26 he should be hitting his peak years now and that should be with us not elsewhere.

On the injury front Jurgen confirmed what we already knew about Matip and added all other injuries are as they were. So that means Mane and Milner's availability for this game is doubtful.

He was asked some technicalities involving Premier League registration of Van Dijk and part of his response included 'it's unlikely Virgil will play again this season'

According to the skipper, Rhys Williams is set for a spell in the U23's to afford him continuing pitch time and development.

Who then will become our main centre-back pairing? Davies and Kabak, Fabinho and one of them? Or perhaps Phillips still has a part to play. Tonight I'd like to see Henderson back in midfield where he belongs and would field the following line-up.

Straight away there's a glaring problem. With Minamino now out on loan and Jota out injured, who do we have to cover Mane? That's right, not the player we apparently highly rate but Origi who I guess we must also highly rate. Goodness knows why.

Now would have been the perfect time for Minamino to get the two games on the trot Klopp said was proving difficult to achieve.

Until Jota returns we will have to just make the best of that situation now. Elsewhere on the pitch I feel Thiago, Wijnaldum and Henderson are our best midfield and in defence it's high time Robertson had a rest, especially as our match after this one is against City.

Centre-back wise I've picked Phillips as he's been playing well and Davies as he's battle ready from the Championship, which truth be told is the level where Brighton will probably end up.

Overall I'm confident we'll get the job done but do feel Origi's inclusion won't be overly helpful. Hope to be proved wrong.

Liver Bird's Scorecast: LiverBird's eat Seagulls for breakfast, 4-0!


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