Liverpool 1-4 Manchester City | A time to down tools? I think not!

Morning all, not an overly pleasant one to arise to unfortunately. It's grey and dreary, doing it's best to snow and we just got stuffed in a game which required the exact opposite.

Our title hopes have been shot down BUT things are never as bad as they seem and this is no time to wallow in the mire. I'll explain why.

First thing to note is we're not out of the title race completely. At City's current scoring rate of 2.3 points per game they'll finish on about 86. That's unattainable for us unless we can find a way to score slightly more than 3 points per game BUT.....

City might not carry on scoring points at that rate. In this topsy turvy season there's every chance they'll suffer a string of defeats. So our job now is not simply to fight for the top four but to get as close as humanly possible to the top spot. We can still apply some pressure and you just never know.

Being realistic we do need City to mess up and us to turn our poor form around but stranger things have happened at sea. We've nothing to lose so let's try and keep ourselves ready to pounce should the opportunity present itself.

The blame game

As far as this match goes there's no hiding the fact Alisson had a shocker but it would be entirely wrong to labour that point as if it were significant in the grand scheme of things.

Alisson has actually kept us in the title race longer than the rest of our players and play deserved.

There cannot be too many who see anything other than a failure in the transfer windows as the main reason for our poor showing this season. It's impossible to really know whose fault that is. Klopp's? Maybe. FSG's? Maybe. Both? Maybe. That's too many maybes baby.

What we know for sure is overall both Klopp and FSG have been superb and they have more than enough credit in the bank to write off a few mistakes. No one apart from me is perfect.

So, rather than despair, now is the time to be constructive

Far better to focus on what we need to do going forward and here's what I'd like to see.

1.) Starting with defence, use all of our players to see who's hot to trot and who's not.

2.) Get midfield aces back in their places.

3.) Start planning ins and outs for the summer.

4.) Win the Champions League.

5.) Finish higher than Utd.

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