Liverpool 0-2 Everton | Honesty is the best policy

Looking for a starting point for this article I first watched Klopp's post-match press conference and was very impressed with his honesty and lack of excuse making. You find out a lot about someone in defeat and it was pleasing to see our manager so magnanimous. I will follow Klopp's example. No excuses will be made as I humbly set out what went wrong.

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So, the first reason why the best team lost was the ref and his three second appraisal of the penalty situation. What can be said about that? He clearly walked to the monitor with a predetermined view which wasn't for changing. VAR is a disgrace. Yesterday's ref was a disgrace. Moving on.

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Klopp was sincere in saying even after Henderson was injured, Phillips came in and did a great job, meaning we cannot use that injury as an excuse. And he's right.

However, reason why the best team lost number two: we've had four thousand six hundred and fifty eight injuries this season, so were already at a distinct disadvantage before injury number four thousand six hundred and fifty nine occurred.

Continuing with the kind of inspirational humility all good losers display: it would have been hard for Neverton's victory to be more against the run of play and we really were the best team. As the following graphic clearly shows.

Now we've graciously acknowledged that we had the better game, better kit, better stadium, better manager, better fans, better coach, better songs, better hair and better history, we can finish by admitting that although cruelly cheated out of victory we could have been that tiny bit better still.

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No good trying to avoid our gaze Bobby, we're looking at you, and Mane and Mo. 71% possession and no goals to show for it is just not good enough. Simples. The question is what do we do about it.

Well again Klopp has shown the way with his honesty. He sounded quite exasperated just as we all are but the answer as he rightly says, is we try, try and try some more. Just like Michael Finnegan, who grew whiskers on his chin – i – gan - we go again, again again.

That really is the only option we have, keep working hard in training and try to extract the best out of the players we have available.

Stick with Kabak, we'll let him off his questionable early defending yesterday, he was after all undone by a well worked goal. Stick with Phillips, why wouldn't we, he never puts a foot wrong.

Stick with Mane, Mo and Bobby Firmino? Or try Shaq? Pretty sure I know what Klopp will do there so let's hope the former trio start finding the back of the net.

Positive signs, Trent playing superbly, Robbo is the best left-back on the planet. Mane looked a bit more like his old self and Jota is ever closer to a return.

Our current results and league standing sting a bit but ultimately *providing we get our summer transfers right* we will soon be back on our perch and having the last laugh over all our neighbours.

In the meantime we've Sheffield to bounce back against and then a champions league to win.

In closing, world events, as well as people's personal ones put football into context and something no one can ever take from us is our You'll Never Walk Alone spirit. That beats any on pitch result and is something we extend to all our Red friends, particularly those presently going through tough times.


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