Liverpool 0-1 Brighton | The bad the worse and the downright terrible

Well that was not what the doctor ordered, not one bit of it. Our team have quoted us well and truly miserable but are we just unlucky or were there fundamental errors of judgement.

Yes. There were. Okay guys that wraps this one up. See you for the City game!

Much as I'm tempted to leave it at that and hit the publish button, I guess we should try and unpick exactly what went wrong. So here are my reasons for your consideration.

The bad

The bad was already in motion before the game began - quick interjection, well played Brighton, very good performance - but, we'd already shot ourselves in the foot, soused our own gosling and plucked the transfer window pheasant in all the wrong places: why in the name of all that's holy did we retain Origi and loan out Minamino?

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Having born witness to the ramifications of selling a centre-back (Lovren) and leaving ourselves short in defence, who was it who sat down, looked at our squad sheet and thought 'if Mane gets injured we have Origi and Minamino as cover' 'that's too many options, let's loan the better one out'

Simply put, if Taki starts last night in Mane's position, we win the game. The likelihood of that has been proven by his earlier good performances for which Klopp dropped him. Go figure.

The worse

In the match before last night's, Milner was carrying an injury issue. Indeed Klopp confirmed when he subbed Milner quite early in the game, there was frustration expressed as they'd agreed a strategy of injury management which Milner felt he'd been adhering to.

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Bearing in mind Jones has consistently played well in midfield why an earth was Milner playing at all and why did we then go one better and play him again last night? Why is Robertson playing every single minute of every single game when Kostas has been on the bench. Etc.

Simply put, with our players dropping like flies, including in training, why is Klopp choosing to flog them further by not using our backup options. That's also how Jota became injured.

The downright terrible

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