Leicester 3-1 Liverpool | Let's adapt, overcome and be outstanding

Sorry couldn't resist some Brendanisms in the title. He's quoted his former club well and truly miserable today but well played to him and Leicester, they took full advantage of our fish ups.

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Like all fans I'm extremely disappointed. In no small measure because we looked quite good for large parts of the game. In the match article, I said I'd be berating Klopp if he started Henderson in defence again and we lost as a result.

However, Liver Bird Spotting made a very good comment, as he has been doing on our match threads, tilted toward optimism and constructive positivity. Sometimes we need to take a step back and make sure that's the path we're sticking to because it's the only one to get us where we want to be - back on top.

With that in mind: I felt today both Robertson and Alexander Arnold played well, looked full of energy and appear closer to their best.

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Jones is a player I like and although at times he shows some inexperience, he's overall a very solid midfielder who also contributes to some nice attacking moves and is improving all the time.

In attack, Salah looked pretty good today. I wouldn't say back at his very best but certainly nearer to it. Similarly Mane made some nice contributions and although more of a slow burner Firmino grew into the game and provided a sublime piece of skill to set up our goal.

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I'm an advocate of the increasingly shared narrative that our attack has suffered due to our concern with defence. If we can get that worry out of our game I think Mo, Mane and Bobby will be back to scoring freely enough to win most games.

That leads us nicely to what is proving an awkward part of the puzzle: defence.

At the end of the day Klopp is a world class manager. That's beyond question and there must be good reason why he's sticking with Henderson in defence. One case in point was the superb long ball out Hendo played in the first half which bypassed Leicester's whole team and should have led to a goal.

Henderson and Fabinho should help with playing it out from the back in general, oddly the opposite seems to be happening with more calamity driven goals conceded today.

I can only conclude, yet again, that if something isn't working you have to try and change it. Our midfield line-ups have not been instilling confidence and we're not even benefiting with clean sheets so surely it has to be time to get aces back in their places.

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Hard to glean much from Kabak's very first outing so possibly we should stick with him for a while now and Davies is injured anyway. I do feel Phillips has previously shown himself to be a solid unflappable option so perhaps pair those two and see how it goes.

It can't get much worse than conceding three goals in this match and four in the one before. Can it? 

Looking forward Tuesday's Champions League tie brings an opportune moment to try a different approach and I hope it includes Henderson in midfield and centre backs playing as centre backs.

The roller coaster season continues but the Champions League has potential to lift our souls up high once more. Onwards and Kloppwards we go.

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