Expectations too high?

While we all try and forget yet another defeat I pose the following question to all LFC fans: are we expecting too much from this LFC squad?

I think we have become so accustomed to our beloved team being back high up on the perch we've forgotten what it was like a short while ago.

Just half a dozen years previous we had but two or three world class players and a sprinkling of those you'd not describe much better than good. They were pretty much all played out of position. Is anyone willing to state out loud where we finished up in the league table during those glorious years?

It's the same right now, although for completely different reasons but should Klopp and FSG be taking the hit for our current misfortunes?

Partially I would say because no manager or owner could have predicted the predicament we presently find ourselves in. Let's look at our current list of injured players:

Virgil Van Dijk (CB) - Out for the season. Most expensive CB in the world.

Joe Gomez (CB) - Out for the season. England International CB.

Joel Matip (CB) - Out for the season (even before that he only played one week on, two weeks off) One of the most gifted CB's around, when fit.

Jota (FWD) - Already been out for over two months with a conservative time frame of 1-2 weeks left. A player so good that before his injury, Klopp did something he never does and altered our formation to fit Jota into the starting line-up.

That's a big credit considering how formidable our attack has been for the last few seasons.

Fabinho (DM/CB) - Out for 1-2 weeks recurrently. The best defensive midfielder in England who turned into the best CB in England for a short period of time.

Naby Keita (AM) - Unknown return date. The glassman supposed to be our answer against the formation we play against most "The Bus". Keita showed glimpses that he could be that player we so needed but if you blinked you would have missed it and mostly have seen him on a medical stretcher.

James Milner (AR) - Unknown return date. Mr Versatile, will be missed for his all round filling expertise as well as on the pitch leadership, something that's dwindled away over the past few months.

Kelleher (GK) - Unknown return date. Picked up a knock during training hence the return of Adrian to our bench. Don't won't to say this but coincides with Alisson's down turn in form as well. Just putting it out there.

Ben Davies (CB) - Unknown return date. Was supposed to be the robust player brought in to cover our depleted CB position!

Divock Origi (?) - Unknown return date and I know I slate this lad a hell of a lot (well deserved I believe) but the bottom line is it's yet another non option taken from Klopp due to injury.

That is our current list of injured players and in the picture below you will see the full list of injuries our squad has endured over the last 10 months.

It's actually quite astonishing we have been in the title race for as long as we have this season.

Here are some comments left on our previous thread that knocks the nail right on the head.

Romper: "Every team (except Schitty) are dropping unexpected points this season... We shouldn't be so down considering they are dropping points with full strength squads. Where as we are currently missing 6 first team players and 4 squad players.... So all in all the fact we're still up and around the top 4 is a miracle in it self "

SidLFC: "Was always gonna be like that. No other team has a deep enough squad. I was looking at their bench yesterday and that team is a top 4 team in itself. They literally have a backup for each position. The fact that we competed with them head on for two seasons and coasted to the title last season is something that will be looked back at in 10 years time as a bloody gargantuan accomplishment."

Premiership Kings!!!: "Happy Valentines Day x"

With all of these things said, I'd be interested to see what others think.

Are we being overly ambitious with what's left of our squad. What would you like to see happen for the remainder of the season and how achievable do you feel it is?

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